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Shakeaway’s AMAZING NEW MENU has now been available in our UK stores for 2 weeks and all our fantastic customers are loving it so far!

Our ever-expanding milkshake menu has fantastic new flavours such as lychee, papaya, rhubarb, chocolate & chilli, mentos mint, mentos fruit, blueberry muffin and cinnamon to name a few, not forgetting a new luxury flavour - pistachio! With over 180 flavours and millions of possible combinations you really could live forever and never have the same milkshake twice.

The new menu truly is amazing with lots of lower calorie, reduced sugar, fat free, healthier options for everyone to enjoy. New to the world famous named shakes range are 2 brand new shakes; ahmad & farah! Ahmad is matcha (a popular green tea full of antioxidants) blended with both blueberries and mango. Farah is strawberries blended with both honey and oats – why not try these delicious shakes made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of our reduced sugar ice cream?

As well as serving the very best milkshakes, the new menu offers new refreshing smoothies re-invented made with special crunchy ice, fantastic flavour additions to the fit & healthy shakes range, our refreshing shaved ice re-invented – all at less than 160 calories per serving and in selected stores new 100% fat free frozen yoghurt desserts that eat more like an ice cream, not forgetting our lower fat crispy & tasty fries!

There really is something for everyone, make sure to visit your local Shakeaway store to try our AMAZING NEW MENU!

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