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Shakeaway opens at The Boulevard, Amman, Jordan

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Shakeaway is expanding worldwide once again, with a third branch opening in Jordan; located at The Boulevard shopping centre! The first and second stores are located at Taj Mall lifestyle centre, and in the Muna Abdoun building on Sa’ad Abdouh Shamout Street.

The grand opening of The Boulevard was fantastic, and the response from customers, amazing!

Customers visiting The Boulevard are now spoilt for choice, with over 180 milkshake flavours to choose from and millions of possible combinations, fit and healthy shakes made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt and refreshing real fruit smoothies hand made to order with special crunchy ice.

Our amazing shakettes serve the very best frozen yoghurt desserts, hand blended with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt and fresh ingredients – they eat more like an ice cream! You can also try our refreshing shaved ice re-invented, at less than 160 calories per serving, and of course our low fat crispy, tasty and original fries.

To keep up to date with what is happening in The Boulevard, Jordan store visit the Facebook page:


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