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Shakeaway Halloween Menu 2018

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Shakeaway’s popular limited edition Halloween menu is now available in stores until 31st October 2018! There’s 6 fantastic shakes to choose from, try them hot – they taste amazing!

Cobweb chloe is seriously chocolatey, combining after eight & oreo cookie all topped off with aero mint bubbles. The famous eerie ernie is back again this year, made with double ‘goo heads’ (creme eggs) topped with whipped cream, or if you prefer a sweety shake, try the freaky fred – jelly babies & jelly beans topped with jelly tots!

Dare you opt for a ghoulish gordon? Reese’s cups & extra peanut butter topped with a flake. Or there’s scary scarlett – toffee popcorn & butterscotch topped with popping candy – try this shake hot to tantalise your taste buds.

If you want to try a shake made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt, haunted hayley is the one for you – hand made to order with strawberries & lime, topped with marshmallows.

Don’t forget these spooky shakes are only available until 31st October.

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