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Shakeaway's Limited Edition Winter Menu

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The Shakeaway warming Winter menu is back & available in stores now! There are 10 limited edition super special shakes for you to enjoy. Try them hot, they’re unbelievable!  

The legendary pullover pam is back! Nutella & peanut butter topped with marshmallows. For all of those chocolate lovers, toasty tim combines a mix of choc chip cookie with curly wurly, topped with a flake. Or how about warming will? An enjoyable mix of horlicks & maltesers with a free topping of milky way stars. Don’t forget you can have any Winter shake made hot, at no extra cost!

Duvet doug truly is a wonderful Winter warmer with its blend of apple pie & cinnamon, topped with whipped cream – simply amazing! A white chocolate dream - cosy kim is hand made to order with milkybar & marshmallows topped with milkybar buttons.

Banana & coffee, all topped with a flake; that’s our new snuggly steve and it’s so amazing when made hot! If you’re looking for something healthier but still delicious this Winter, you simply must try melting mike – honey & ginger with mixed seeds on top. Or how about trying a new fireside fred made hot? Blueberries & cherry with coconut shavings on top. Fresh fiona is the ultimate cakey Winter shake, with blueberry muffin & maple syrup all topped with granola – absolutely heavenly when made hot!

Don’t forget you can also have any of our shakes made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of standard reduced sugar ice cream. Check out the full range here.

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