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Autumn 2020

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Our delicious limited edition Autumn shakes menu is back for 2020 and is available in all stores now!

We have 8 fantastic shakes on our new menu for you all to enjoy. Make sure you try them hot, there is no extra cost and you won’t believe how good they taste!

Bright Bradley is the ultimate cakey shake this Autumn; cinnamon with carrot cake and topped with coconut shavings! We also have the famous Autumn shake callum crunch - a tasty blend of crunchie and oreo cookie topped with maltesers, it will truly satisfy your
chocolate cravings!

If you’re after something fruity, vibrant vivian is for you; blackberries and apple with a topping of almond flakes! You could try this shake made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of our reduced sugar ice cream.

Tasty tommy is another incredible shake perfect for Autumn, made to order with chocolate brownie and butterscotch all topped with a flake. There’s also the ravishing ruby, an indulgent favourite; kinder bueno blended with maltesers and topped with minstrels.

We also have the harvest hazel, blending marshmallows with skittles all topped off with popping candy, an Autumn shake for the sweetie fans.
Not forgetting lovely lloyd, which is just like your favourite dessert! You won’t be able to resist the blend of banana and custard with a free topping of marshmallows! Or how about an orange OMG? Jaffa cake with terry’s chocolate orange topped off with milkybar buttons, delicious, try this shake made hot, it will be the best orange hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted!

Don’t forget you can try any of our limited edition Autumn menu shakes with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of our reduced sugar ice cream, same great taste with reduced calories.

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