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Shakeaway’s limited-edition Christmas menu is back

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Christmas has officially arrived in Shakeaway stores! There are 6 amazing limited-edition Christmas shakes to choose from - each come with 2 flavours and a free topping. Try them made hot, you won’t believe how good they taste!

Nothing will get you more in the Christmas spirit than our limited-edition Christmas menu. Snowman sam takes traditional mince pies to a whole new level, combining them with custard & a topping of whipped cream! Rockin’ robin is a festive blend of ferrero rocher with vanilla fudge topped with milky way stars. How about a tinsel tara, a delicious combination of; wispa, curly wurly, crunchie & a finger of fudge, topped with a flake - just like a Christmas selection box!

A Christmas favourite! Naughty noel is a mix of terry’s chocolate orange & butterscotch, with a free topping of popping candy. Why not try happy holly made hot? A double caramel dream - caramel shortbread & rolos combined, with a free generous topping of whipped cream. Frosty franny is for all the white chocolate lovers this Christmas; a mix of white kinder bueno & raffaello topped with milkybar buttons.

Our Shakeaway milkshake vouchers make the perfect Christmas gift for any Shakeaway lover! You can buy them in your local Shakeaway store or alternatively online:

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