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Shakeaway’s amazing brand new menu!

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SHAKEAWAY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! We have re-invented the re-invented. All our products are now colder, thicker with a stronger flavour!

For the last 19 months we have been working hard to create some new ingredient flavours and have changed the recipe of all of our existing flavours so everything tastes even more amazing! You will not believe the thicker, colder, stronger tasting milkshakes… or our world class new fruitastic smoothies. Our ever-popular frozen yoghurt desserts with new and stronger flavours are the best hand made yoghurt we have ever made. No-one can match its amazing flavours.

Our special shaved ice is a mix of shaved and snow ice with real fruit puree for a stronger, all-natural taste – with amazing toppings chosen by you! Don’t forget our delicious lower fat, crispy, fluffy fries – try dipping them into your shake… heavenly!

Thank you to all our amazing customers who helped us make our world class new menu. You just have to try it. All of our stores will be having a special event to celebrate the new menu this Saturday… we will be opening at 12 noon and the first 50 customers get their shake free! We can’t wait to see you.

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